frogger is based on the classic 80s arcade game. the idea of frogger is to get the frogs over the road and the river without getting killed. to cross the road, you have to walk across it whilst avoiding the moving traffic so you dont get run over. if you get hit, you lose a life. to cross the river, you have to walk across the floating logs and leaves that pass by. if you go on the water or off the edge of the screen, you will lose a life. when you lose a life, another frog will appear back at the start. you have 3 lives. once all these are gone, the game is over. you can see how many lives you have left at the bottom left. you get a bonus life after every 4 levels.

to move the frog, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. the frog only moves when the key press is released, so you cant hold the keys down to move quickly. to pause the game, press P. press P again to resume.

if you can manage to cross the road and the river, you place the frog into one of the 5 spaces at the top. once this is done, another frog appears at the bottom and you have to repeat the procedure until all the spaces at the top have a frog in them. you can only have 1 frog in each space. once this is achieved, you can move on to the next level.

you have to do the same thing for every level, except each level gets gradually harder. there will be more cars to avoid and less logs and leaves to walk on. plus, you will start to see police cars, logs with teeth and butterflies! if you step on the teeth part of a log, you will lose a life. police cars travel along the sides of the road, so be careful not to get hit by one. butterflies are rare, but when you do see one, dont let it touch you otherwise you lose a life!

you score points for getting each frog safely across and for each life you have left when completing a level. you will also get bonus points for eating the flies that randomly appear every now and again. to do this, just walk over the fly. the higher the level, the more points you get. the score and level is shown at the bottom right. once the game has ended, a scoreboard will appear. if your score makes it into the top 10 of the day, a box will appear allowing you to enter your name. you can view the scoreboard at any time by clicking on 'show scoreboard' at the bottom middle of the game.