this is the classic game of snake that was on the old nokia mobile phones. the aim of the game is to navigate the snake around the grid, eating as many apples as you can, to get the highest score possible. the game ends when the snake hits either the walls or itself, so you have to try and avoid them for as long as you can.

when you load the game, you can select what speed you want the snake to travel at - slow, medium or fast. then click on 'start game' to begin. the snake will come up from the bottom of the grid and you have to use your arrow keys to direct the snake to eat the apple that is randomly placed on the grid.

to eat an apple, just get the snake to go over the top of it. once an apple has been eaten, another one appears somewhere else. for every apple you eat, the snake gets longer by 1 block and you score some points. the amount of points you get depends on what speed you chose:

slow = 1 point an apple
medium = 2 points an apple
fast = 3 points an apple.

you can pause the game by pressing P or clicking on 'pause game' at the bottom right. to resume the game, press P again or click on 'resume game'. once the snake hits the walls or itself, the game is over and your total score appears. if it makes it into the top 10 scores of the day, you can add it to the scoreboard on the right.