you will need someone with you to play survival as its a two player game. you will both share the keyboard, so one of you has the left hand side and the other has the right hand side. here are the controls:

red line
go left = A
go right = D
go up = W
go down = S
blue line
go left = left arrow
go right = right arrow
go up = up arrow
go down = down arrow

the object of survival is to get your opponent to hit something before you do! you die if your line touches itself, your opponents line or the walls. so do whatever you can to get your opponent to crash, like blocking them in or cutting infront of them!

the red line starts from the top of the screen and the blue line from the bottom. there are 4 different starting positions and directions for each line. when the game is started, one is randomly chosen. this is to vary the games a bit. if you prefer to always start from the same place, set 'random' to no.

when you start the game, your lines will start moving. the beginning of your line stays where it is so your line gets longer and longer as the game progresses. this means that there will be less and less space to move around and so making it harder to survive! you can set the speed of the lines using the 'speed' dropdown. to pause the game, press P or click on 'pause game'.

the game counts how many times each player wins a round. you can use this to see who won the most games overall and also to set challenges like 'first to 5 wins' etc. to get the scores back to zero, click on 'reset scores'. if you want to see whats behind the black box that displays who won, just click on it to remove it.

now get playing, and get surviving!