multitask is a set of different games. you can only move on to the next game by completing the task set on the current game.

the type and number of games will be kept a secret so the only way to find out what games there are is to complete all the tasks! clue: there are not more than 10 games.

you will be able to access the rules for each game by clicking on the link in the purple bar at the bottom before you start the game. or you can press R at any time.

once you complete a task, the message in the blue bar at the top changes, allowing you to go to the next game. even if you complete the task, you can carry on playing the game for as long as you like as the link to the next game will stay at the top, even if you lose afterwards.

at the end, you will be told how many attempts were needed to complete each task. how few attempts can you do it in? playing a game again after completing a task will not increase your attempt count.