these websites all have an unfortunate double meaning to their address. obviously someone wasn't paying enough attention when they decided on their website address!
'who represents?' is a database for agencies to the rich and famous.
or is it a website to buy gifts for your favourite hooker?
looking for a pen? well look no further than 'pen island'.
or is it a dream holiday destination for women and gay men?
need a therapist? then visit 'therapist finder'.
or is it a place to locate someone a bit more evil?
a website for 'mole station native nursery', based in australia.
or is it a nursery that you wouldn't want to send your kids to?
moved to milan and need electricity? then sign up with 'powergen italia'.
or is it a place to buy super strength vibrators?
'experts exchange' is a place for programmers to exchange advice and views.
or is it a place for transsexuals to complete their 'move'?
(they have now added a hyphen to separate the words after getting the wrong sort of visitor!)