one day a little girl was walking along the beach and saw a naked man. looking down, she asked the man, "whats that?" "its my bird" the man replied. "well, can i play with it?" "only if you go and ask your mum first."

hearing this, the little girl runs home to her mum and asks her "mummy, can i play with a mans bird?" the mother, thinking it was a normal bird, replied, "ok honey." when the girl got back to the beach, the man was sleeping. but since she got both his and her mums permission, she started playing with it.

when the man woke up, he found himself lying in a hospital bed with the girl standing beside him. confused, he asked her, "what happened?" the girl promptly replied, "well, when i was playing with your bird he spit on me, so i bit off his head, cracked his eggs and burnt his nest"!