learn to speak chinese in 5 minutes!

1. thats not right sum ting wong
2. are you harbouring a fugitive? hu yu hai ding
3. see me asap kum hia nao
4. stupid man dum fuk
5. small horse tai ni po ni
6. did you go to the beach? wai yu so tan
7. i bumped into a coffee table ai bang mai fa kin ni
8. i think you need a face lift chin tu fat
9. its very dark in here wao so dim
10. thought you were on a diet wai yu mun ching
11. this is a tow away zone no pah king
12. our meeting is scheduled for next week wai yu kum nao
13. staying out of sight lei ying lo
14. hes cleaning his automobile wa shing ka
15. your body odour is offensive yu stin ki pu
16. great fa kin su pah