funny poems

roses are red,
pickles are green,
i love your legs,
and whats inbetween!

roses are red,
grass is green,
open your legs,
and i'll fuck you clean!

i like your style,
i like your class,
but most of all,
i like your arse!

kissing is a habit,
fucking is a game,
guys get all the pleasure,
girls get all the pain.
the guy says i love you,
you believe its true,
but when your tummy starts to swell,
he says 'to hell with you'.
10 minutes of pleasure,
9 months in pain,
3 days in hospital,
a baby without a name.
the baby is a bastard,
the mother is a whore,
this never would have happened,
if the rubber hadn't torn!

smoke a smoke,
not a butt,
fuck a virgin,
not a slut!

sex is bad,
sex is a sin,
sins are forgiven,
so stick it in!

holy mother full of grace,
bless my boyfriends gorgeous face.
bless his hair that tends to curl,
keep him safe from all the girls.
bless his arms that are so strong,
keep his hands where they belong.
bless his dick the one i sucked,
bless the bed in which we fucked.
and if my mum happens to walk in,
bless the shit that i'd be in!

love is a temptation,
caused by a sensation,
when a guy sticks his location,
in a girls destination,
to increase the population.
do you get my explanation,
or do you need a demonstration?

roses are red,
violets are corny,
when i think of you,
ohhh baby i get horny!