here's a selection of browser-based one and two-player online games. most of them require a mouse or keyboard to play.

use your mouse to keep the red square away from the moving blocks but within the walls for as long as possible. can you last for over 25 seconds? this includes a scoreboard.

this is the well-known game of tetris where you have to fit the falling shapes so they fill up entire rows. you need to get as many rows as possible. this includes a scoreboard.

this is the classic game of snake that was on the old nokia mobile phones. you have to eat as many apples as you can, whilst avoiding hitting anything. this includes a scoreboard.

this game requires good hand-eye co-ordination as you have to keep the ball inside the playing area using the 4 paddles whilst trying to hit all the blocks.

this is a two-player game where you are each an ever-increasing line. the person who can survive the longest without hitting the walls or the lines wins.

this is a series of different games. you have to complete each task to be able to play the next game. can you make it all the way to the end?

with this game you have to remove all of the bubbles on the screen by getting three of the same colour touching so they all fall down. this includes a scoreboard.

frogger is a classic 80s arcade game. you have to get the frogs over the road and the river without drowning or getting hit by a vehicle. this includes a scoreboard.

how well do you know your music? there are 100 lyrics and you have to work out the artist and song name for as many of them as you can. this includes a scoreboard.

this is a two-player shoot-em-up game where you each control a spaceship and the aim is to blow the other ship up before it can do it to you.

this is a one-player version of the classic game battleships where you play against the computer and try to sink all its ships before it sinks yours.

this is the classic game of space invaders. you need to shoot all the aliens before they reach the bottom to win, whilst making sure the aliens dont shoot you first.

how good is your memory? you have to find the 18 pairs of hidden pictures in the fastest time possible. but you can only uncover 2 pictures at a time.